Waar kunnen we je mee helpen?

1. What is the exact breakfast which will be served?

As from September 16, 2021, the Local breakfast of US 12.50 is included in the rates. What if the guest prefers the Continental Breakfast? this is possible because it is for the same price.

As from October 01, 2021: Included in the price is the Super Breakfast for US $ 16.00.

Other packages sold will be communicated explicitly.

2. Can an already paid Breakfast package of $ 12.50 be upgraded?

Of course. Guests often receives their stay as a present. If they wish to be upgraded to the Super breakfast this is possible after paying at the Frontdesk the difference of US $ 3.50.

3. What is the Lunch Special for US 13.50 and the Dinner Special of US 20.00?

The package starting US $ 117.00 consist of the special lunch with a drink and the special dinner a 3- course meal with a non-alcoholic drink. F & B prices remain stable all days of the week.

4. When is the Lunch for US 20.00 and the Dinner of US 26.00 sold?Sectie

This is the regular prices on the Resort and pre-arranged All MEALS prices made in advance. Due to the COVID-19 measurements we will no longer serve regular buffet but 3 course meals for both meal periods. But for a group guaranteed for a minimum of 15 persons we may serve a buffet after consulting the Chef.

5. Do you sell ALL INCLUSIVE Packages?

No, we sell All -MEALS packages or American Plan (AP). All-inclusive implies that the guest is entitled for all drinks as wines and beers, and this is not the case. The guest is entitled to nonalcoholic drinks served during the meal.

6. Must the guest pay extra when they want their meals as Take Away?

Because of the COVID- 19 rules meals can be prepacked. If guests indicate they will consume their meals in the restaurant it will be served accordingly. If they wish to take it along it will be pre-packed it is all included in the price.

7. Can all guests charge additional F & B charges to their account?

With each guest specific agreements is made. The agreement are shared.

8. If guests paid for their breakfast and other meals and choose not to use it, are they entitled to a discount?

We prepare meals according to reservations specifications. If the guest chooses not to make use of the meal it is their prerogative but are NOT entitled to no discount or substitution.

9. When will the swimming pool be in operations?

The planning is after September 16, 2021. Hence the special prices until September 30, 2021.

If we encounter difficulties before this date, the communication will be done appropriately.

10. Do we have Room Service at the opening?

Guests are informed that pre-packed meals are to be picked up in the restaurant.

There will be NO room service.

11. Can guests even day trippers bring their own Food & Beverage to the Resort?

Food & Beverages from outside is strictly NOT ALLOWED on the public facilities.

Staat uw vraag hier niet tussen, wilt u iets melden of een klacht of compliment doorgeven U kunt contact met ons opnemen via het contactformulier.