Discover the pristine nature's environment while swinging on the Zip Line through the tropical rain forest or kayaking on the magnificent Suriname River. Explore the rich history and heritage of the old Bergendal plantations.

Canopy Zip Line

The Canopy Zip Line is another attraction highlight at the Bergendal Amazonia Wellness Resort. An unforgettable exciting jungle experience in the crest of the tropical trees, way above the ground and with all the safety precautions taken Into consideration.  If you enjoy adventure, you cannot miss this one.


Kayaking on the capricious Suriname River while listening to the harmonious and unique sounds of the jungle, observing the wildlife on the margins of the river while you keep on navigating your way through the water. Kayaking has never been so attractive, challenging  and adventurous at the same time. Our safety standards are updated and our dedicated guides are with you all the way.

Historical Hike

Our guides take you on a hike through the jungle, climbing the hills exposing you to parts of the rich history and heritage of the old plantation Bergendal. Experience the ambiance and the spectacular sights while history transports you to another life and takes you back to those glorious days of past centuries.

River Boat Tours

Relax and enjoy the environment, leave it all to the experienced and friendly guides on the river.
Evening Boat tour: Do you prefer to experience the starry nights from the river?  This will complete that special day, your anniversary or honeymoon.

Local Tours

Brownsberg Tour: Experience the steep hike on this one of an extraordinary breathtaking Surinamese natural reserve, that we treasure.  Your endurance will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Afobaka lake and water reservoir and with a great chance of a refreshing waterfall shower treat.

Brokopondo Experience Tour: First visit the impressive Afobaka Lake with its hydropower plant and then explore the Brokopondo area. The astonishing natural trip ends with a visit to the authentic village of Victoria.