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BERGENDAL  Sustainability

The BERGENDAL Eco & Cultural River Resort was designed with the principles of sustainable tourism high on the list of priorities. A great number of resources were invested in the research and implementation of all provisions necessary to ensure the responsible management of our resort.

Based on research and data on the history of extensive land use at the Berg en Dal plantation, the BERGENDAL resort and activities are not projected to have a negative environmental impact on the area. As an eco-cultural resort, the rainforest and its natural habitat are the main attraction for future guests and it is one of our main goals to not only practice conservation and preservation, but also to educate and create awareness amongst visitors and surrounding communities on this subject. All waste products of the resort will be separated, designated for recycling where possible and disposed of responsibly. Use of wasteful products overall, will be kept to minimum as much as possible.

The communities in the surrounding areas of the BERGENDAL Eco & Cultural River Resort were informed of and involved in all activities at an early stage. The local population was given the opportunity to participate in training programs for job opportunities within the resort. Today, the majority of personnel at the BERGENDAL facilities are comprised of well trained locals from the area. Local communities will also benefit through the sale of hand made artefacts to resort visitors and through the opportunity provided by the increased amount of visitors, which will visit their villages for cultural interests. Great care will be given that activities within local communities are executed only with express permission and with the utmost respect for the culture and traditions of the local population.

Aside from the direct number of job positions which have and will become available within the BERGENDAL Eco & Cultural River Resort and its supporting facilities, several other financial advantages will be created for the local population. The KTF (Kersten Tourism Foundation) will also support the creation of a supply chain for the eco-tourism industry and encourage the growth of micro and small businesses in the area by facilitating the provision of technical support and access to credit.
Ultimately the entire BERGENDAL Project and the pavement of the Afobaka road will result in economic development and growth for the entire Brokopondo area. On a larger scale this new ambitious tourism project will undoubtedly give a great boost to the entire Suriname tourism industry and cause significant growth in the contribution of tourism to the gross national product of the country.

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