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At the BERGENDAL Eco & Cultural River Resort and adjoining Heritage Village and Adventure Centre, we offer guests a wide variety of thrilling and tranquil activities which guarantee many days and hours of gratifying entertainment and enjoyment. To add to our guests’ exposure to our beautiful country and all its spectacular features, we also provide a number of organized tours to different locations in Suriname.

The BERGENDAL Eco & Cultural River Resort has the unique advantage of being in close proximity to many different tourist attractions in the area. Stimulating awareness, respect and appreciation for the unique biodiversity and cultural diversity of the entire area surrounding our resort is vital to our goal of creating a sustainable eco tourism product.

With these essential values in mind we offer visitors at our resort the opportunity to become acquainted with the many different historical, cultural, natural aspects of several locations in and around the BERGENDAL area.

Why do you have to do this:

  • Spectacular views 
  • In the middle of the jungle of Suriname 
  • One with nature 
  • Experience different cultures 
  • Fun stories to tell about!
  • Afobaka tour

    Afobaka tour

    Each village has its own story. A story that is told by her environment: nature, culture and history. The Alobaka tour emphasizes the village Alobaka. Afobaka is known by the dam in the Suriname River, making the Brokopondo reservoir formed. During this tour is told how the dam occur and what the impact of the Brokopondo reservoir has been. Here you get a fantastic view of the lake…

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  • Brokopondo lake tour

    Brokopondo lake tour

    The Brokopondo reservoir was artificially created in 1964 as a water reservoir for generating hydroelectric dam Alobaka the benefit of the growing aluminum industry. The tour informs guests about the history of the creation of the lake and the Maroon villages thereby disappeared under the water. The lake is now a popular tourist location for a sunny day trips to the many islands and for fishing…

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  • Brownsberg nature park

    Brownsberg nature park

    From the BERGENDAL resort  the beautiful Brown Nature Park can be reached within an hour. Visitors to this protected area can enjoy spectacular views of the Brokopondo reservoir and the surrounding rainforest from Brownsberg. The main attractions of the park are nature trails to several creeks and small waterfalls scattered on the mountain, and the encounter with the breathtaking flora…

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  • Kayak adventure

    Kayak adventure

    This exciting kayak adventure is a fun activity for adventurers with good condition. Participants are in the early morning transfered to the Brokopondo reservoir and there be fitted with their equipment, a lunch box, instructions and safety instructions. This excursion accompanied by a guide, is the perfect opportunity to explore the Brokopondo reservoir and enjoy a healthy, physically…

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  • Nyun Lombe village tour

    Scattered in the area around BERGENDAL, are several traditional Maroon and Amerindian villages. The cultural tour guests get acquainted with the interesting lifestyle and traditions of the descendants of the Maroons and the indigenous population of the country, particularly at the transmigration village Nyun Lombe. The minimum number of people for this tour is 2 persons.

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