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Our accommodations

The Adventure Centre offers its guests the opportunity to rediscover themselfs in the nature, with 12 rooms that are very simple and completely furnished Back to Basics. Trough the Back to Basics decor is the simplicity of the nature really emphasized. That way, guests can really enjoy nature and all that Adventur Centre has to offer.


Why do you have to sleep here:

  • Back to Basics 
  • Spectacular views 
  • In the middle of the jungle of Suriname 
  • Excellent facilities and care 
  • Great experience 
  • Jungle Hostel for 1 person

    Jungle Hostel for 1 person

    Type 1

    Our Jungle Hostel for 1 person a guest who would like to come to rest here can relax in silence. Guests can choose to do the different kind of activities or just choose to pull itself back and become one with nature. The area offers plenty of opportunities.

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  • Jungle Hostel for 2 persons

    Jungle Hostel for 2 persons

    Type 2

    For guests who want to come for the activities to Adventure Centre and would like to stay to continue to enjoy the next day the Jungle Hostel for two persons is the right choice. There is plenty of space to sleep with a friend in the room and it is just slightly more luxurious than sleeping outside. In addition, the region offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy!

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  • Beach hut

    Beach hut

    Type hut

    For a real back to basics experience, guests can stay in our beach huts. Here they can fall asleep to the sounds of nature around him, without disturbance of walls around him. In the open air with the wonderful breeze that lulls them to sleep in, staying on the beach is an adventurous choice.

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