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Kiskadee Restaurant

Kiskadee Restaurant has an informal and carefree character in an ambiance of untouched nature. The restaurant, situated along the Suriname River in the Bergendal Resort, offers stunning views of the impressive green Amazon rainforest. The regularly changing restaurant menu provides a unique twist on the traditional Surinamese cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh local ingredients. The menu offers a rich abundance of local fruits, vegetables, herbs, fish and meats common to Suriname.

Our kitchen team draws inspiration from the Surinamese culture and its culinary riches, and the dishes are also prepared with influences from various international cuisines. Our distinctive menu offers local delicacies, such as Atlantic mackerel, smoked Bang-Bang, shrimp, Amazonian fruits like ‘cupuaçu’ and ‘podosiri’, and tuber vegetable varieties grown in nearby Maroon villages.

Guests can enjoy delicious dishes served in a casual dining atmosphere. Wines are carefully selected to match the characteristic flavors of the cuisine. The ‘a la carte’ menu includes a variety of dishes to satisfy the cravings of every guest; from homemade bread, juicy steaks and fragrant salads to hearty burgers.

Kiskadee is open every day from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm for both resort guests and visitors. That’s right! Our restaurant is open to everyone, not only resort guests. So come along and ‘njan switi’ (eat up)!