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'Berg en Dal' is located on the Upper Suriname River, in a place where the river makes a sharp bend. In 1677 was in the area of plantation Bergendal already established a plantation, which was abandoned later. Beginning of the 18th century there was a police station set up to protect themselves against the Indians. Around 1717 there was a gold mine in this area, which, however, according to the then Governor Henry Domestication yielded nothing. For those reasons, he left the mine closing. Domestication was, however, affected by the environment, so he is awarded 1500 acres themselves as plantation land. In 1723 this area was expanded in 5000 acres on both sides of the river. The name would be, long associated with the plantation. 'Berg en Dal' was not the name of the governor himself, but those of his wife Charlotte van der Lith. The governor Domestication was married to her, so she became part owner of the 'Berg en Dal' after the death of Domestication.Charlotte later married the succeeding Governor Charles de Cheusses, who not long lived. Charlotte then married again and then the subsequent governor, because he died in a series of two pastors. Through these relationships, Charlotte van der Lith become one of the most influential women in Suriname. There was a fight between her and the governor JJ Mauricius, which finally led to a protracted political conflict Her opponents accused Charlotte to hunt this conflict. Behind the scenes Unfortunately we have only sources of its opponents, so that a complete picture can be drawn from this "career woman avant la lettre.