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Flora & Fauna

Suriname is known for its tropical vegetation. The vegetation has great affinity with those of neighboring Guyana's (British - and French) and the Amazon. Suriname has about 5000 different plant species. For an area of this size and with no high mountains that pretty much. Some common plants of the pea family, bedstraw, wolsfmelkfamilie, palms, cacti, orchids etc. Characteristic of Suriname is the coastal forest consisting of mangrove. Here parwaboom grows in the swamp (zwampbos).

Additionally Suriname is rich in insects (eg snails, millipedes and tarantulas), amphibians (such as frogs and toads) and reptiles (such as caiman, the rattlesnake, anaconda, lizard, iguana and boa constrictor). Insects, amphibians and reptiles, you may come across the country, so even if you are staying in the city. Other species occur only in the tropical rainforest. The most famous animals found in Suriname, the giant sea turtles on the beach Galibi lay their eggs each year and the Brazilian giant otter, which can be found among others in the Upper Coesewijne river.

In the Central Suriname Reserve and Brown Mountain (and vicinity) will include the following monkeys: capuchin monkey, the howler monkey, the monkey and the kwata babunaap. In addition, the Surinamese animal kingdom from rodents, such as water hog, the agouti and guinea pig. There will also be three types of monkeys, sloths, and two types of five species of armadillos, including the giant armadillo.

Some of the common in Suriname predators are tigers, jaguars, cougars, raccoons, ocelots, piranhas and about 65 species of bats. The coastal area is rich in fish and shrimp. There are also beautiful butterflies to be found, the morpho and lantern bearer are the most famous.

You will find several bird species, which are typical of Suriname. Examples are (found in nature Bigi Pan), the black vulture, toucans and parrots (found in areas Coppenameriver Mouth / Peruvia). Red ibis Other species from the large Suriname collection are:

  • de twa twa (small parakeet species)
  • bosruiter
  • grietjebie
  • ijsvogel
  • steenduif
  • rotshaan
  • boshaan
  • glansvogel
  • kolibri
  • kiekendief
  • dansmeestertje

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