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Bergendal Adventure Centre

Swimming at Bergendal Resort?

The resort also offers its swimming facilities at Adventure Centre guests for USD 11, - per person! The pool, ideally positioned along the banks of the Suriname River, has a tropical Caribbean ambience and spectacular water views from which the blue water of the pool seems to pass in the gently undulating expanse of the river surface seamlessly.

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A day Adventure Centre?

Adventure Centre offers guests the opportunity to rent beach hut along with a hammock and relax at Adventure Centre for a day. Activities are fun, but not a must. A relaxing day in nature should definitely be possible for a day.

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Teambuilding outing?

Adventure Centre is the perfect location to become one with nature and with your staff. Unique, inspiring location surrounded by beautiful nature, can add a great deal to the productivity and motivation of your team. We offer the most unique team building opportunities in impressive surroundings.

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This you do not want to miss: the Canopy

The Canopy Zip Line is an activity where you from tree to tree swings through a car and can enjoy the feeling of freedom and a view like no other! It is widely acknowledged that the cable on the Suriname River the most wonderful experience!

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Explore the area

Besides Bergendal Adventure Centre Suriname has many other wonderful places. See which tours in our area to gain a beautiful impression of Suriname

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Barbecue with the family

Delicious chicken, beef and sausages hot from the grill! And it tastes even better when you are surrounded with cosiness. You can get a barbecue with your family and have a party at Adventure Centre. Adventure Centre has a delicious BBQ menu, but also gives you the ability to hire only off the set and carry your own marinated food !

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