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The BERGENDAL Heritage Village and Adventure Centre is located right alongside the BERGENDAL Eco &Cultural River Resort and offers numerous exiting and interactive activities to visitors of all ages. Accessible to local and international day trippers and guest residents of the resort, this unique new tourist attraction, the first of its kind in Suriname, provides thrilling adventures and entertainment within the meaningful context of conservation and preservation education.

The BERGENDAL Adventure Centre is the ideal location for travellers in search of a fun-filled, physically active one day excursion in awe inspiring nature rich surroundings. From adrenaline raising activities such as the exiting Canopy Zip lines and interesting hikes to kayak excursions, the BERGENDAL Adventure Centre is a guaranteed unforgettable experience for visitors young and old.

Whether you want to experience the thrill of an Adventurous activity or organise a group day out, the Adventure centre is the place for you. Choose from our different activities and stand by for much more to come.

Why you should do this:

  • Adventurous 
  • Adrenalin 
  • Spectacular views 
  • In the middle of the jungle of Suriname 
  • One with nature 
  • Nice to tell home!
  • Jungle Hike

    Jungle Hike

    This tour gives you the opportunity to walk in the middle of the rainforest and the only way to get here is on the Suriname River. You will be taken by boat to the other side of the river, where you will spend approximately one and a half hours in the middle of the forest walking, experiencing and enjoying. These guides will point out the road certainly interesting flora and fauna.

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  • Historic hike

    Historic hike

    In this walk of a half hour you walk along with the mountain guide in order to learn more of the area and its history. Let the atmosphere of the old Bergendal plantation and natural history of the area capture your imagination and drag you back in time. Remember especially to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and its views.

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  • Canopy Zip Line

    Canopy Zip Line

    The 'canopy' is the highest part ie the canopy of the forest. While floating on a cable car system exalted cables and platforms, tear through the treetops and make you feel like the king or queen of the jungle. Swing from tree to tree and enjoy the feeling of freedom and a view like no other. BERGENDAL brings this unique adventure for you to live in an experience of one to one and a half hours…

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  • Kayaking


    Sail for half hours in a kayak on the impressive Suriname river, listening to the sounds of the jungle, watch out for wildlife and navigate through the wilderness around. Kayaking has never been so adventurous and attractive. You will use modern, high-quality equipment and can completely rely on the safe guidance of our adventure specialists.

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  • Kids Canopy

    Kids Canopy

    The children also have the opportunity to tear through the treetops, and feel as the king or queen of the jungle. Especially for children there is a tour of 30 minutes created by Adventure Centre, where they can swing. Using cables of about 2 meters from the ground and several rope bridges on the trail Here the children can let their parents see how well they do it, because parents can walk…

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  • Boat trip by night

    Boat trip by night

    During a night cruise of one and a half hours on the Suriname River you can enjoy nature at its best! Besides the magical experience with a combination of the rainforest and the beautiful starry it will also be an adventurous experience. Our guides know where the kaymannen and will take you there so you can spot them!

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  • River trip

    River trip

    Experience the Suriname River in "traditional style marron" by exploring her surroundings. During an adventure of one and a half hour trip along the densely wooded banks of the river, your guide will be pleasantly deal with stories about the old plantation and other sites you encounter during the voyage.

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